Spanish Crash Course

Spanish Crash Course
Author: Alicia M. de la Torre Falzon
Publisher: Berlitz
Date: 2013
Pages: 68
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 94.5MB

Latin American Spanish with Tips for European Usage.
From Speak Spanish in just one short week! LANGUAGE/30 zeroes in on the most essential phrases for day-to-day communication. Whether you are a vacationer, a business traveler, a student, or just need a refresher course, youll learn what you need to know in just three 30-minute sessions a day.
Developed for U.S. Government personnel, this accelerated learning method will have you conversing after just a few easy 30-minute lessons! These widely acclaimed courses have yielded proven results for over 60 years.
From the Foreword by Charles Berlitz: Let me introduce you to the course you have chosen to study. LANGUAGE/30™ will provide you with the basic phrases needed for communication in this language. There are two important things to remember about learning a new language: Be interested in the people, their
country and their language. Want to learn the language. Practice it as often as you can. Nothing is more effective in creating a friendly atmosphere and nothing pleases people more than when a foreigner tries to speak their language.