Spanish Grammar in Context – 2nd edition

Spanish Grammar in Context – 2nd edition
Author: Juan Kattan Ibarra, Angela Howkins
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0340958758
Date: 2013
Pages: 270
Format: EPUB
Size: 0.5MB

“Spanish Grammar in Context” uses authentic text to illustrate and explain the key areas of Spanish grammar, and then offers a range of exercises for students to test their understanding and to produce effective language of their own.
Aimed at intermediate and advanced learners, and with a key to the exercises provided, the book is suitable for independent and tutor-led study.
Sourced from contemporary literature, newspaper and magazine articles from both Spain and Latin America, the texts are up-to-date and topical, and together with the exercises which have been expanded for the second edition, give students a comprehensive coverage of Spanish grammar.

“I have just finished working through Spanish Grammar in Context which I used in the background to a Spanish language course. I just wanted to express my appreciation for a brilliantly conceived and implemented book. The balance of example, explanation and exercises was just right and it has been an amazing help to me.” Deborah Lees, independent Spanish language learner.