Spanish Grammar Made Easy

Spanish Grammar Made Easy
Author: Mike Zollo
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 034090495X
Date: 2005
Pages: 208
Format: PDF
Size: 1MB
Language: English/Spanish

The Grammar Made Easy series is ideal for complete beginners as well as for those non-linguists who have some knowledge of the language but need to know the basics of grammar to progress beyond phrasebook level.
The books consist of seven units that present basic grammar topics in an accessible and non-patronising manner.
A companion website provides extensive interactive grammar practice, it contains around 220 activities (those included in the book plus extra ones) covering all the language in Spanish Grammar Made Easy. Learners work at their own pace and move through the different sections with ease.
Numerous grammar tips are at hand if needed. All the correct answers will be recorded so that learners can practise their listening and pronunciation skills.