Spanish Memory Book

Spanish Memory Book
Author: William F. Harrison, Dorothy Winters Welker
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292730810, 0292730799
Date: 1993
Pages: 92
Format: EPUB
Size: 2.74MB

Spanish Memory Book: A New Approach to Vocabulary Building, Junior Edition

Mnemonics is an age-old technique for remembering names, numbers, and many other things. In Spanish Memory Book, Junior Edition, William Harrison and Dorothy Welker offer onginal mnemonic rimes appropriate in subject matter and skill level for junior high and high school students to help them acquire and remember Spanish vocabulary.

Included are mnemonic jingles for several hundred of the 2,000 most commonly used Spanish words. Each jingle contains both the sound of the Spanish word and its English meaning. The authors have also included a general pronunciation guide to Spanish vowels and consonants.

This innovative approach, which the authors have used successfully with their own students, is simple, effective, and entertaining. In the words of one student, “This book teaches me not only Spanish words but English words as well.”