Streetwise Spanish

Streetwise Spanish
Publisher: Passport Books
ISBN: 0844272817
Date: 1998
Pages: 304
Format: PDF
Size: 57.23MB

This is one of the best books of its kind. It includes a lot of information and it is especially valuable for learning slang in different countries. For instance, tener coraje in Mexico does not mean the same as it does in Chile…

This is the first edition. I don’t see a lot of change when I look at the table of contents for the second edition, but there does seem to be an additional appendix of signature words and their usages, which would be nice to have. Oh well.

Intermediate through advanced Streetwise Spanish presents the colloquial and slang expressions that students need and want to know but usually do not learn in their Spanish classes. The 15 chapters contain short dialogues, translations of the dialogues, explanations of the colloquial and slang expressions, authentic jokes, cartoons from Spanish publications, and exercises. Note: This text includes “earthy” and vulgar expressions! Each dialogue presents universal Spanish idioms and also includes slang from a particular country or city that is identified in the introductory line of the dialogue. Alternate forms used in other areas are explained in the vocabulary notes.