The Everything Learning Spanish Book

The Everything Learning Spanish Book
Author: Julie Gutlin
Publisher: Adams Media
ISBN: 9781440528644
Date: 2011
Pages: 678
Format: EPUB, PDF (converted), MP3
Size: 84.4MB

The Everything Learning Spanish Book (Enhanced Edition) is your perfect guide for learning to speak and write in Spanish. Whether you’re planning a vacation in Mexico or adding a valuable second language to your resume, this valuable book helps you order the right dish in a restaurant, answer customers’ questions, or converse with locals when traveling. With an overview of Spanish culture, step-by-step instructions, and practical exercises, you’ll find learning Spanish can be easy and fun! The Everything Learning Spanish Book with CD, 2nd Edition features: – The Spanish alphabet and pronunciation – General greetings and conversation starters – Instruction on asking common questions – Concepts regarding personal identity, gender, and pronouns Also, this eBook is enhanced with audio icons throughout which allow you to hear correct pronunciation or participate in various exercises so you can perfect your Spanish pronunciation and understanding with ease! Packed with helpful exercises, self-tests, an English-to-Spanish dictionary, and verb charts, this guide will have you speaking and understanding Spanish in no time!

This post has the audio embedded in the EPUB. Not all readers will be able to get the audio to work. The google play books app will be able to use the embedded audio. Maybe more readers will be able to. I tried calibre, but that did not work. Therefore the audio has also been extracted from the epub and added as an extra.