The Everything Spanish Grammar Book

The Everything Spanish Grammar Book
Author: J.Gutin
Publisher: Everything
ISBN: 9781593373092
Date: 2005
Pages: 304
Format: EPUB
Size: 1MB

Learning the ins and outs of a new language can be a long and tedious process – especially when it comes to grammar. Yet good grammar is an essential aspect of fluency – one you cannot fake. With The Everything Spanish Grammar Book as your guide, you’ll master the grammar essentials of this beautiful language in no time, thanks to expert step-by-step instruction.
Invaluable tools include:
• Verb tables for fast sentence structuring
• Chapter-by-chapter linguistic breakdowns for quick reference
• Reinforcing exercises at the end of each section
• Usage and pronunciation tips for speakers of all levels
• English-Spanish and Spanish-English dictionaries to give you the right word
• Complete review of verb construction
• Vocabulary-building methods
Speak like a native with The Everything Spanish Grammar Book – your key to understanding the grammar, syntax, and sentence structure of the Spanish language.