Udemy – Learning Spanish with Ana 2

Udemy – Learning Spanish with Ana 2
Publisher: Udemy
Date: 2014
Format: MP4
Size: 149MB (rarred 70MB)

Really interesting and practical course to lean Spanish easily.As a Spanish teacher, it’s really important for me to teach my students useful concepts to help them with the second most spoken language in the world. You’ll find the essential vocabulary to speak about daily topics such as the weather, our routine and free time, the parts of our house or our friend’s descriptions. It’s a practical course and you’ll find it easy to follow it. You just have to relax, enjoy learning by watching these videos. Firts, we’ll talk about some grammar considerations. Then we’ll revise simple present, adding irregular verbs. And finally we will talk about common topics. You will find notes for each video and a final exam to check your progress.