The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Welsh

The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Welsh
Author: Winterson-Richards John
Publisher: Oval Books
ISBN: 978-1906042516
Date: 2008
Pages: 88
Format: EPUB
Size: 0.5MB
Language: English/Welsh

“Welsh willfulness” The Welsh are stubbornvery, very stubborn. The Welsh themselves would probably rather say tenacious, but to anyone on the receiving end a better description might well be bloody-minded. “Proud and proud of it””Welsh pride is real pridethe sort of mindless, instinctive, animal pride that requires no justification or excuse. It is simply pride for the sake of pride. Such pride is the only thing one has left when one has been stripped of everything else. “It’s not unusual to be . . . an actor” Given the propensity of Welsh people of all types to overact at every given opportunity, it is not surprising that those who manage to tone it down a bit have gone on to world fame as actors (or politicians, who are, after all, only an inferior species of actors). “Warriors at heart” The Welsh are extremely proficient at rugby. They enjoy it and they take it seriously. This is because rugbywith its physical aggression, tactics, disciplined use of brute force, and organized violenceis the closest thing modern day life can offer to Wales’ traditional national sport: war.”