Communication : Principles for a Lifetime, 6th edition

Communication : Principles for a Lifetime, 6th edition
Author: Steven A. Beebe, Susan J. Beebe
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 0133753824
Date: 2015
Pages: 480
Format: PDF
Size: 75MB

For courses in Introduction to Communication that take a mainstream rather than a survey approach

A five-principles approach that helps students build practical communication skills
Communication: Principles for a Lifetime was designed to address the biggest challenge when teaching Introduction to Communication: how to present the variety of fundamental theory and skills without overwhelming learners. By organizing the text around five key principles of communication, authors Steven Beebe, Susan Beebe, and Diana Ivy help students to see the interplay among communication concepts, skills, and contexts. The sixth edition retains this successful five-principles framework, and adds updated content and a new learning architecture that better helps students build, and use, strong communication skills — in the course and beyond.