Cutting Edge 3rd

Cutting Edge 3rd
Author: Moor Peter, Crace Araminta, Cunningham Sarah, Jane Comyns-Carr, David Albery, Cindy Cheetham
Publisher: Pearson Longman
Date: 2013
Format: PDF, Mp3, CD-Exe, DVD
Size: 12.5GB

Guide, Discover and Inspire with Cutting Edge 3 Third edition!

– Guide. The task-based approach benefits learners by focusing them directly on the skills area they need to practice. This enables them to improve their learning outcomes and have a sense of achievement. First, students learn from the models and then they are encouraged to do the task themselves in the safe environment of the classroom. This builds learners’ confidence and gives them a sense of achievement.

– Discover real-life functional language through DVD or audio clips. The language is presented in contexts and situations that students come across in everyday life.

– Inspire. World Culture lessons encourage students to investigate global issues and actively participate in classroom discussions.

What’s special about New Cutting Edge?

The new editions contain all the ingredients that made the original edition so popular – a thorough grammar syllabus, plenty of vocabulary work and engaging speaking tasks. Based on feedback from teachers around the world, the new editions have been thoroughly updated with new texts and tasks, additional practice material and a whole range of other exciting features.

– Challenge your students with the new ‘Study, Practice, Remember’ sections
– Motivate your students with the new self-study CD-ROMs which provide additional grammar and vocabulary practice, plus ‘Real life’ video sequences
– Engage your students with New Cutting Edge Digital – exciting new software for the interactive whiteboard.

New World culture lessons encourage the exploration of contemporary topics and develop online research skills. Language live lessons provide light-hearted contexts for practicing functional language and writing.
Engaging texts, new video content and a comprehensive digital package are just some of the features that make this fully revised edition even more effective.

The DVD-ROM contains all the audio and video clips and a digital Mini dictionary of key vocabulary.

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