English for social interaction

English for social interaction
Author: Betty Kirkpatrick
Publisher: B & Jo Enterprise Ltd
ISBN: 978-981-4107-81-5, 978-981-4107-80-8
Date: 2004-2008
Pages: 146, 123
Format: PDF
Size: 25.2MB

Social Expressions presents a series of 30 passages, dealing each with a situation that is commonly found in the course of everyday life. For example, the passage may be about shopping, or going out for a meal, visiting the doctor, and so on.
– 30 realistic and lively passages dealing with everyday situations.
– Each passage containing expressions frequently found in everyday conversation.
– Clear explanations of useful expressions, lots of example sentences and Language Help notes.
– Exercises for self-testing with answer key.

The English for Social Interaction series is intended to help learners acquire spoken English skills so that they can engage in fluent communication. Everyday Idioms presents a series of 30 specially written passages which are based on the kind of realistic conversations which might take place in everyday life. The key expressions are explained, supported by example sentences and, where relevant, Language Help notes. Exercises with accompanying answers are also included for self-testing.