Italian Reader – Short Stories (English – Italian parallel text)

Italian Reader – Short Stories (English – Italian parallel text)
Author: Alex Kouzine
Date: 2016
Pages: 194
Format: EPUB, MOBI
Size: 1MB
Language: English/Italian

This book contains a selection of 8 finest short stories which have been adapted from originals written by the world’s greatest storytellers such as: O. Henry, W.S. Maugham, A. Maltz, W. de Mille; R. Goldberg and others. In addition there are 5 mini-stories presented at the beginning of the book as a “warm-up exercise”.
The stories have been thoroughly adapted (to preserve the gist of the original) and translated into Italian language. They presented here as English – Italian parallel text with Italian text been printed in blue.
The stories have been arranged according to their degree of difficulty and each story is accompanied by a “Key Vocabulary”.
Although this book can be useful for learners of both – English and Italian languages – it was mainly intended as a reading material for learners of Italian language.
—The book is intended mainly for Elementary to middle-Intermediate level learners (that is, those who have already studied the basic structures of Italian). It will also be useful for more advanced learners as a way of practicing their reading skills and comprehension of Italian language.