Grammar – A Friendly Approach

Grammar – A Friendly Approach
Author: Sinclair Christine
Publisher: Open University Press
Date: 2010, 2nd ed.
Pages: 208
Format: PDF
Size: 4.31MB

DDo you feel that your writing lets you down?
Are you concerned about how to punctuate properly?
Do you have problems turning your thoughts into writing?
Do you need some help with referencing?
If so, then this book will help you to address your concerns and feel more confident about your writing skills!
This book introduces grammar in a gentle way by illustrating the kinds of issues students may come across by setting them in context using a soap opera style script. Through a combination of the stories of the students and carefully constructed chapters, the book provides details on the essential aspects of grammar, language use and punctuation needed by all university students. There are also exercises to encourage the reader to relate the issues to their own practice and experiences, as well as an extensive glossary which defines the terms that are used throughout the book.

This new edition is completely revised and updated with a new structure covering:
Academic language.
Standard English.
Sentence construction and punctuation.
Reflective writing.
When and where to place an apostrophe.
Using grammar checkers.
Avoiding plagiarism,

Grammar: A Friendly Approach is an irreverent look at the rules of grammar that has become well-loved by students at college and university. It is also recommended by teachers and tutors who see rapid and noticeable improvements in the written work of those who employ the author’s tactics.