VOX Diccionario de bolsillo español y inglés

VOX Diccionario de bolsillo español y inglés
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Date: 2011
Pages: 736
Format: PDF, EPUB
Size: 23.6MB
Language: Spanish/English

This new VOX Pocket Spanish and English Dictionary has been compiled by a team of experienced lexicographers, translators, and language teachers. It has been designed specifically to be a modern reference that is useful, practical, and easy to navigate. The clear typography, blue headwords, and simple, logical organization of entries make it easy to look up words in Spanish or English and make it an ideal reference for any student or professional who uses either language at school or at work.

With more than 28,000 entries and 65,000 translations, this dictionary includes all of the basic vocabulary necessary to communicate in and understand Spanish, both European and Latin American varieties. Many of the translations feature examples of usage that clarify and illustrate how the language is used. There are also abundant idiomatic expressions, slang, and vocabulary related to technology and the Internet. A review of Spanish grammar and conjugation tables for key verbs provide important context for the Spanish language.

This dictionary contains all the information required by any beginning or intermediate learner who uses Spanish in his or her studies or at work. This up-to-date reference is an indispensable tool not only in the classroom and the workplace, but also in the home, or in any situation where there is interaction between these two important world languages.