Finn Talk

Finn Talk
Author: Terttu Leney and Liisa Needham
Publisher: Finn-Guild and Kansanvalitusseura
ISBN: 951-96004-5-0
Date: 2001
Pages: 201, 223
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 342MB
Quality: Very good
Language: English / Finnish

Finn Talk neljä, viisi, kuusi, .neljä, viis, kuus is an intermediate level multimedia Finnish language course designed for learners who have completed Finn Talk yksi, kaksi, kolme yks, kaks, kolme. The course is also suitable for learners who wish to refresh their Finnish. Finn Talk offers an opportunity to learn standard and colloquial Finnish.

NEW: added first part of the series (pdf+mp3) – so it is complete now.