Russian Through Propaganda

Russian Through Propaganda
Author: Pettus Mark
Publisher: Lulu
Date: 2017-2018
Pages: 309, 295, 309, 333
Format: PDF
Size: 211MB
Language: English/Russian

Russian, Book 1: Russian Through Propaganda is the first volume in a new series of Russian textbooks with a rigorous but rewarding approach to the language. It assumes no prior knowledge of Russian, and is intended for ambitious beginners, or more advanced students seeking a highly structured review of the language. It assumes that its readers are interested in long-term mastery of the language, within the rich historical, cultural, and literary contexts that often draw students to Russian in the first place. It therefore takes the time to explain challenging grammar topics in depth, striving to provide the full picture as clearly as possible. It is richly illustrated with Soviet-era propaganda posters, whose slogans serve as examples of each lesson’s grammar. It is structured as a series of 50 daily lessons, which build upon one another and give a clear sense of progress. It is the equivalent of a semester of intensive college-level study of Russian.

In this post: book 1 and 2 (Russian through propaganda) and book 3 (Russian through poems and paintings)

NEW: book 4 (Russian through poems and paintings)

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book 4