A Practical Hungarian Grammar

A Practical Hungarian Grammar
Author: Sz. Szita, T. Gorbe
Publisher: Akademiai kiado
ISBN: 9630587033
Date: 2014
Pages: 368
Format: PDF
Size: 161MB

This Practical Hungarian Grammar is aimed at students and teachers of the Hungarian language. The 110 chapters of the book offer a systematic overview of Hungarian grammar. They focus on the most important linguistic aspects and those difficulties most commonly encountered by students. Each grammar overview is clearly structured and immediately followed by exercises derived from commonly encountered, practical situation, a combination that helps the students both deepen their understanding of a particular grammatical point and enlarge their topic-related vocabulary. Longer units are followed by revision sections. All chapters of the book have the same structure. § On the left-hand page there are bilingual explanations (Hungarian || English), tables, and examples presenting a certain aspect of the Hungarian language. § On the right-hand page are related exercises. They will also give you more examples on the grammar aspect in question. § Most units are completed by a set of review exercises. The book focuses on the grammar and vocabulary required for the lower intermediate level (B1) language examination of the Common European Framework for Languages. However, as all the important aspects of Hungarian grammar are presented, it can serve as an effective resource from beginner to advanced levels. It is suitable for both group lessons and self-study settings. The book contains an answer key.