¡Claro que sí!

¡Claro que sí!
Author: Lucia Caycedo Garner, Debbie Rusch, Marcela Dominguez
Publisher: Heinle Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1285740475
Date: 2015, 7th edition
Pages: 608
Format: PDF
Size: 298MB

CLARO QUE SÍ! Enhanced Seventh Edition takes a functional, integrated skills approach specifically designed to help students develop receptive and productive skills simultaneously that are critical in learning Spanish. When using CLARO QUE SÍ! students acquire communicative skills while gaining an awareness of Hispanic cultures. The program’s practical, relevant themes, lively practice, and engaging technology components get learners communicating early and confidently. The exciting new enhanced seventh edition will contain a greater focus on the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and have two new video blogs in each chapter to provide input of chapter functions and vocabulary. CLARO QUE SÍ! will keep students motivated as they learn and explore the many cultures of Spanish-speaking world. The Enhanced edition features the addition of dazzling video footage and photography of National Geographic™ into iLrn to enhance students’ cultural exploration.