Italian Conversation Quickstudy Language

Italian Conversation Quickstudy Language
Author: Sally-Ann Del Vino
Publisher: Barcharts
ISBN: 9781423239871
Date: 2018
Pages: 6
Format: PDF
Size: 6.48MB
Language: English/Italian

Students and travelers can instantly create hundreds of useful phrases for conversation in Italian with this 6 page laminated guide that provides example template sentences and a color coded bank of words that can be plugged into those sentences. Grammar rules are included for quick reference to support sentence building along with hundreds of vocabulary words with definitions. To change the meaning of a phrase, pick a different color-coded noun, verb or adjective for a wide range of communication. Categories follow those of an Italian language course which are the same categories helpful to a world traveler. So whether writing papers for an Italian class, or asking for help navigating the city of Venice, QuickStudy has you covered.