Japanese Verbs Quickstudy Language

Japanese Verbs Quickstudy Language
Publisher: Barcharts
ISBN: 9781423238720
Date: 2018
Pages: 6
Format: PDF
Size: 6.70MB
Language: English/Japanese

Master verbs of the Japanese language with this ultimate reference tool and study guide. Verbs are one of the most difficult facets, and often the key, to unlocking any foreign language. Japanese words are written out phonically in English (romanji) and in their true form to reference for writing and speaking. Romaji, English, Hirogana and Kanji are included. Designed for quick and easy access using color coded sections and tables you will get the most for your money in a compact 6 page laminated guide that can be easily stored and that is durable enough to survive through high school, college, and any travel adventure beyond.