Mongolian-English Dictionary

Mongolian-English Dictionary
Author: Charles Bawden
Publisher: Routledge
Date: 2010
Pages: 603
Format: PDF
Size: 14.4MB
Language: English/Mongolian

Twenty-five years in the making, this is a dictionary, with English equivalents, of the modern written Mongolian language, in Cyrllic script and orthography, as used in the Mongolian People’s Republic. Consisting of some 20,000 main entries and numerous secondary entries, it has been compiled on the basis of reading and excerpting current printed material. This material has included primarily the national newspaper Unen, other newspapers, various popular, semi-popular and academic magazines and journals, and books – mostly non-fiction – in various fields of interest, and the entries are therefore very up to date.

Two unusual features of the dictionary enhance its usefulness. Occasionally some short quotations from original sources have been included, in order to promote the practical understanding of the language. Secondly, wherever possible the Tibetan originals of the Tibetan loan-words have been given, in order to facilitate further research. Previously published but only with the aim of assisting in the formulation of English equivalents of the Mongolian words and expressions. They have not been drawn on as source of vocabulary, and no entries have been copied in total from other dictionaries.