How to Pronounce Russian Correctly

How to Pronounce Russian Correctly
Author: Tania Bobrinskoy
Publisher: Passport Books
ISBN: 9780844242873
Date: 1991
Pages: 63
Format: PDF, DJVU, MP3
Size: 66.3MB
Language: English/Russian

After learning the Cyrillic alphabet, students of the Russian language are usually pleased to discover that, unlike English, Russian is a phonetic language—that is, words are almost always pronounced as they are spelled. Nonetheless, knowing the alphabet does not guarantee an acceptable Russian accent. The subtle differences, for example, between Russian vowels and their English counterparts can only be discerned by listening to Russian speakers.
The How to Pronounce Russian Correctly audiocassette affords students—from beginning to advanced—the opportunity to concentrate on the sounds of Russian with a fluent Russian speaker. How to Pronounce Russian Correctly explains, illustrates, and drills the basic sounds of the Russian language, concentrating on those that cause special problems for English speakers. The tape begins with the sounds that are closest to English and concludes with the three sounds that have no equivalent in our language. Pronunciation material is divided up into 11 parts, so that you are introduced to Russian sounds in short, accessible lessons. And the cassette format allows you to repeat and practice as often as you like, until you get it right!
This User’s Manual features both a transcript of the cassette, as well as charts and footnotes that expand on the recorded explanations. The Manual’s Introduction discusses the differences between the English and Russian sound systems, explains stress and describes how best to use the cassette.
All in all, How to Pronounce Russian Correctly is an indispensable key to an improved Russian accent.